The organizers of Miami Masters Tennis tournament are very happy that two of the greatest entertainers in the game i.e. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are going to take part in the event this year.

Both of them were absent last year and the popularity of the tournament had decreased immensely because of that. Only about 30,000 people had turned up which was about 5 percent less than the no. of spectators that had gathered to watch the matches in 2012.

The reason behind Nadal withdrawing from Miami last season was his fitness. He had not recovered from that famous knee injury. Federer was fit though, but, he had taken some time off the game at that point of time and thus, he hadn’t participated in the tournament.

With both these superstars back, the upcoming edition of Miami Masters is anticipated to be a big success. After quite some time, Federer is looking in top form and he would certainly attract big crowd to the playing arena.

Talking to the reporters about the availability of Federer and Nadal yesterday, one of the senior officials of the organizing committee said, “These two players are probably the biggest heroes going around at the moment. So, not having them last year was obviously disappointing and we did suffer a little bit due to that. But, we are absolutely thrilled that they are back for this year. I hope we will have some decent crowd during the matches.”

Apart from the male category, all the top female tennis players are available as well for the Miami Masters 2014. The weather forecast on the match days is not too bad either. So, there would surely be heavy increment in the ticket sales for this year’s tournament.