16 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova Vs. Svetlana Kuznetsova – Cincinnati 2011 3rd Round Highlights”

  1. WS Open 2011 Predictions

    Djokovic, Jankovic will be W&S Open champion 2011

    TheSupertennisking 2 seconds ago

  2. @Bhraihh Oh I know.. Winning Rome and getting to the French SF was a good time for her.. she kept that form though to be honest.. i mean thats why she got to the Wimbledon Finals… but what i was trying to say is if she keeps this kind of playing up and all the top ranked players want to keep playing horrible.. Sharapova is sure to win… Consistency is key… (unlike Wozniaki smh) Go Maria =)..

  3. Maria’s return of serve is THE BEST in the WOMENS GAME TODAY. She ranked #1 in terms of serve returns

  4. @uninvited1 This highlights came from WTA official. Videos here are really bias to the winner of a match, everything’s the same.

  5. @Vanavyprep She was like this before French but her form faded away during SF with Li. I’m actually her fan and i hope she can retain her form for the whole tournament, not until SF. LOL?

  6. Sharapova’s form looks awesome… She seems to be the most consistent top ranked player right now.. I think Sharapova will be a big contender at the US Open.. Go Maria!!!!!

  7. I know the scoreline was very one-sided but Kuznetsova won a FEW games. Would it have killed them to show a few points which Sharapova didn’t win?

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