15 thoughts on “Nadia Petrova vs Svetlana Kuznetsova 2010 AO Highlights”

  1. if only Venus would shape up….. but yeah I agree with´╗┐ this last comment of your’s ­čÖé

  2. this isn’t an official top 10. if so henin would be number 3 behind serena and venus, respectively. it’s a´╗┐ DREAM top 10.

  3. LOLOL you put henin at number 9?!
    Wow reality check?! Check the records of Henin vs Nadia/Sveta/JJ/Bartoli/…
    Henin´╗┐ should definately be 2 right there

  4. I have to say Nadia is so hard to play in the tight moments or the moments you want to break her and then she comes up with an ace. i do have alot of respect for her and she deserves to win´╗┐ a grandslam.

  5. I’d love to have Kim at 1, but obviously her health bothers her. I really hope JJ gets her act´╗┐ together this year, I just love when she drives her opponents mad with her exquisite movement and passings. I like Goerges a lot as well. And Safarova is awesome, can’t believe she’s not even top20. Kerber is such a fluke. She will drop down the rankings next year, when she has to defend her points. Petkovic is my favourite personality ­čÖé

  6. 1. Serena´╗┐ 2. JJ (forever JJ but even I’m not deluded to put her above Serena) 3. Kim 4. Venus 5. Nadia 6. Sveta 7. Li 8. Radwanska 9. Henin 10. Bartoli

  7. Does this mean we can have Bartoli in our dream top 10 :D´╗┐ I’m willing to compromise and put her at number 10 if you wish ­čśŤ

  8. Well, I do have a lot of respect´╗┐ for Bartoli, but just gamewise, Petrova and Kuznetsova have a lot more to offer. That’s what I was intending to say. What’s great about Bartoli, is that she really has fully maximized her potential, with a good first serve and commanding groundstrokes. And she believes she can beat anyone, and just fights hard every point, you never get the impression she loses focus, which makes her very dangerous.

  9. great match-up. they are both powerful hitters, but they also have a slice, the touch, the volleys. It’s sad to see that Nadia never won a slam, and that Svetlana is so up&down on the rankings. They should be angry, because they are much better players than azarenka, stosur, bartoli,… who now make up´╗┐ the top10.

  10. Both are top10 players
    I hope they can enter the top´╗┐ 10 again
    I love both players. Wish them good luck from Germany

  11. after petrova put on that weight she just hasn’t been the same player from 2006 where she reached her career high of no. 3 in the world´╗┐

  12. All these good performances from Petrova´╗┐ at the Aussie Open against Clijsters and Kuznetsova and still she managed to freeze against Henin..

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