25 thoughts on “Serena Williams vs Svetlana Kuznetsova 2004 China Open Highlights”

  1. its a shame that in this day and we still judge people in this horrible way, serena and her sisiter if you follow their carrers they started from 0 to heros and that in itself an outsanding thing to achieve not everybody has that in them . i am a great fan of them and i am not black for the record .


  3. serena still had performances that reflected her level during serena slam era, though there were few. this is one of them. and sveta played a fantastic match here

  4. this wasn’t even peak Serena…peak Serena was from 2002-2003 when she won 5 out of the 6 grand slams she entered, and won 4 grand slams in a row…after she won Wimbledon in 2003 she had her knee surgery and was out for about 8 months or something like that before playing again

  5. 6:45 to 7:36 is probably some of the best tennis I have ever seen. Awesome job for Serena to get those balls and awesome job to Svetlana for finishing. I LOVE the camaraderie and competitiveness between these two.

  6. This was such a high level of tennis. There’s not too many players today that play with this much ferocity and intensity anymore. I wish both of these players were at their peak still.

  7. What happened to Serena at the USO that year was just so wrong. Is that idiot chair umpire still officiating matches? I hope not.

  8. these two players have so much respect for each other. this match shows just HOW difficult it is to beat peak serena.

  9. I dont even get tennis channel anymore because they are having a fallout with Verizon. Smh. I hope they negotiate and get it back because i really want to see this tournament this year!

  10. Nice Match but Sveta deserved to win …
    She played a better tennis and the point at 2:18 is magnificent !

  11. Williams earned $1.4 million at the U.S. Open: $900,000 for finishing as the runner-up, plus a $500,000 bonus for having come in first place in the U.S. Open Series standings, which take into account results at hard-court tuneup tournaments. So for all the the ignorant people who are racist and glad she lost, she lost with mad money. So Get a life you hateful fools! Playing a sport is totally different than standing on the sidelines judging what you all think should have happened in situations.

  12. Serena is more talented, sexxxy than these flat chested/breasted whitw whores, so shut up

  13. Who cares what she looks like? It’s seriously getting old. She’s a tennis player, not a model.

  14. Just look at that slice from Kuzzy at 06:45 Incredible. That looked way out and then upss lands on the court..

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