13 thoughts on “Svetlana Kuznetsova”

  1. Sveta Congratulatios. U have risen in the ranking and have reached 12th. I wish u all the best in the US Open. I shall keep my fingers crossed for u and watch your games. Can I expect some surprises- winning the US OPEN!

  2. Sveta u r so cute. u have a good game but only your unforced errors. Do something about them.

  3. Sveta u are a wonderful personity. u have a good game but , allow me to be frank, u make too many unforced errors. I wish u could do something about those and reach the top 5 again.I feel so bad seeing u going down in ranking.

  4. Svetlana is one of my favorite players. I’m not sure what it is about female Russian tennis players, but I love them.

  5. well…i agree with you. Kuznetsova’s beauty is not only the appearance but also her soul. She is just having different kind of beauty from Sharapova. I also can see she is the best of all the wta players

  6. What a Beautiful woman! she is always so nice and polite. Not to mention extremely humble. Very nice qualities to have. I wish she were mine I would spoil her and treat her like the queen she is!

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