16 thoughts on “Svetlana Kuznetsova vs Maria Kirilenko 2007 AO Highlights”

  1. @milot1masha and when she played like she did against peer in the 4th round anyone can beat her! lol

  2. @milot1masha I partially agree. She has huge weapons and is really talented, but if you waste your talent rather than using it to your benefit, what’s the point? You see, there are a lot of “What if’s” in this world, but it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day, what’s done is done. I am sure that makes sense.

  3. @JujuFan123 My Favorite player is Sharapova but I just recognize the abilities that Svetlana has when she is at her best and those are scary sometimes!

  4. @milot1masha She may be tough to beat when she’s on but no one is unbeatable. Sharapova is tough to beat when she’s at her absolute best, so is Henin, Serena, Venus, heck I’m tough to beat when I’m at my best but no one is god and is unbeatable. Please. The idea that so and so is unbeatable when they are at their best is just a stupid phase used by fans to make their favourite player out to be perfect.

  5. @JujuFan123 The problem with Sveta is that she is inconsistent. I can show you tons of highlights when Sveta is completely dominating her opponent in the first and a half set and then looses a match. But when she is on and consistent hardly anyone can beat her. She can move you around with her forehand,she has amazing volleys, and a pretty decent backhand what more can you wish!

    She’s won 2 slams until now but I think she could have won a lot more.

  6. @milot1masha Please. You could say that about Serena, Henin or Steffi Graf but Kuznetsova? What has she done that’s so special in tennis?

  7. @JujuFan123 When Sveta is on buddy No one can beat her. Maria stands a chance though. !!

  8. Sexlana played awesome,but she was never a consistent player…75-80%of her season is a complete failure…lol

  9. hey jtennisvideos, can you possibly upload the match between maria sharapova and anna chaktedvadze at AO 2007. i remember you had it but i can no longer find it. thanks!!!!!!!

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