13 thoughts on “Svetlana Kuznetsova vs Marion Bartoli – WTA INDIAN WELLS 2013 (R3) – Full Match HD”

  1. Because I enjoy Bartoli’s attitude, she looks interesting on court and behaves quirky.It’s nice to watch her double handed BH and FH grip, it’s almost extinct in nowadays tennis.

  2. I didn’t even mention height? And if Bartoli’s “weight” hampers her movement so much, then how come she is a consistent top 15 player, and has been virtually since 2007. Her movement is actually very good. Her anticipation is excellent which is probably more valuable. Anyway, if you don’t enjoy women’s tennis anymore then why are you even watching this video?

  3. Good joke !Don’t patronize me.It’s not about their height but weight ,it affects their agility and movement no matter what you say, so don’t be ridiculous, this is the reason why they depend mostly on angle shots,flat balls,quick winners and their strength to overpower their opponent and to avoid unnecessary rallies. i don’t enjoy women tennis anymore-big girls running almost in slow-motion ,ofc with a few exceptions like athletic Serena or poor Radwanska who tries to save technical tennis

  4. You obviously know nothing about tennis. All sorts of body types and shapes can be successful. I mean look at Davenport, Seles, Serena… all ‘big’ girls and rose to No.1 in the world. Bartoli’s strengths are her intensity, power and hand-eye coordination. Women’s tennis would be pretty boring if the players were all the same.

  5. says me and some people who were staring at her cellulitis during a match,.it’s weird cause she plays sports so why the hell so much weight and so little muscles ..of course she’s more power but her movement is affected by her body type as well

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