Svetlana Kuznetsova will find Serena Williams at the opposition end

Svetlana Kuznetsova will find Serena Williams at the opposition end when she turns up to play her fourth round match at Miami tomorrow.

These two players have hardly played against each other in the last couple of seasons.

Kuznetsova would be highly confident ahead of the showdown just because of the way she beat Angelique Kerber, an experienced German player, in her previous match.

Kerber was chipping away quite nicely there in that fixture, but, Kuznetsova made a late resurgence and ended up on top to set a date with Serena.

Serena, on the other hand, did not have a tough competition in round no. 3 as she had to deal with a qualifying teenager CiCi Bellis.

Though Bellis is much hyped around, but, at 15 years of age, to tackle Serena was just too much of ask for her.

As far as the rivalry between Serena and Kuznetsova is concerned, there are 9 matches played between them so far and as one would expect, most of them have been won by the former.

Serena has toppled Kuznetsova in 7 of those games and has been beaten in 2.

Out of those two losses of Serena, one came on hard court 8 years back, while, the other one on clay.

After having a look at these numbers, you would not risk betting on Kuznetsova to earn a place in the next round, but, the Russian has been showing some very good form.

So, there is that 10% chance that she might be able to do something shocking to Serena, but, for that, she will have to put in much more effort than she usually does.

Serena is not going to be easy to contain with, not a 100% fit Serena for sure.