25 thoughts on “Venus Williams vs Svetlana Kuznetsova 2007 Wimbledon Highlights”

  1. @theboldBB hey my friend, the one who likes both Vee and B&B. By the way thank you for all the B&B videos you make every week. You’re so true about Vee, that’s the thing that hurts her the most: consistency, otherwise she would have achieved much more than she has today, much more

  2. For her to loose against Pironkova twice in a row on Wimbledon just shows how inconsistent she can be..and that is such a shame. Venus is a far more better player then her 11 weeks at number one and 7 Grand Slams. She could have won de Australian and French open too if she was more consistent. Just like the Us Open 2010 because Clijsters is nog better than Venus when Venus is at her best!

  3. @Blakmajik78 Indeed! NOBODY can beat her when she puts her mind to it that she is gonna play like this!

  4. I always wonder what Venus and Serena are thinking when they are watching each other play

  5. Venus, baby we just need you to play like this for a hot minute before you retire…I know its in you! Nobody is beating Venus when she plays like this…i mean NOBODY!

  6. nice shots from sveta, she should bring back the cornrows (; vee just too good <3 ~

  7. Yeah, I’ve always like Kuznetsova. She has some really clean and powerful groundstrokes. She’s been hanging around the top of women’s tennis for a long time. Venus was really on her game here though, She was serving really strong and moving incredibly well.

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