25 thoughts on “Serena Williams vs Svetlana Kuznetsova 2009 AO Highlights”

  1. @jessietennis2112 not really serena would have won outside also! try to remember the 2003 sf here between her and clijsters! same type of match against somewhat of a similair style and similar mental fragility at the the time! serena overcame heat and blisters to beat kim and she would have done it here too IF the chance presented itself BUT we will never know now will we!!

  2. These two have such a respect for each other on and off the court. I love seeing them play each other.

  3. @JamieOwen03 Id just like to take some time to say, THANK YOU, for all these videos you post! It must be boring and tiresome to do, but its very useful! I watch them all the time thank you thank you 😀

  4. @axebadwolf w/e if kuzy was the better player it shouldnt mattered if the roof was closed or not. kuzy had her chances, match point and all. serena was better point blank. serena owns australia.

  5. @nelle069214 Yeah but the odd year stop when she won it in 2010, who knows maybe she will win it in 2012.

  6. @adriantyrell Lmao. It ain’t Serena if there isn’t a little drama in her life!

  7. I look at the roof-closing like this: 1) It wasn’t Serena’s choice. 2) If Kuznetsova was indeed the best player on the court then she should’ve been able to win regardless. 3) People tend to gloss over the fact that Kuznetsova got up in the 2nd set and served for the match WITH THE ROOF CLOSED. 4) No one knows if Serena could’ve stormed back to win out in the heat with the roof open, we can only assume, kinda like people assumed Azarenka had Serena beat at 4-0 in the 2nd set at the ’10 AO…

  8. Does anybody have a highlights: sharapova vs medina strasbourg or sharapova vs flipkens roland garros or sharapova vs riske UK?

  9. this was such a great match from both players. both have tremendous power and can make some amazing shots. i think this one came down to big match experience and mental toughness. 8:22 is a thing of beauty to watch.

  10. This is one of my fav Serena matches at the Australian Open. It’s almost like she has a mini-career there, cause that’s where she’s always played her best. But Kuznetsova played well in this match and has the power to go toe-to-toe with Serena. Serena had to serve her way to victory in this one

    @nelle069214 that was try till this year where she defeated HENIN!!!!!

  12. has anyone else noticed that serena has won the australian open every odd year since 03? i love that fact, and it upsets me that next year is an odd year and she cant even play. 🙁

  13. @adriantyrell She was a game away twice from losing to Kuz in straight. 3-5 and 4-5. MAkes serena look even better”

  14. Best match of AO 2009 in my opinion… could have been the final the standard was high.

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