19 thoughts on “Svetlana Kuznetsova 2009”

  1. @keijimuto if you think so then Serena is the right person to grab her! But how can one say that after watching this!!!!!

  2. for the most part svetlana’s extremely sexy body is what does the job for me. wait a minute. now that I think about it as i watch the photos her face to me is very very attractive too in a weird slightly unattractive way.i dont know why. or what that means but i do know watching that sexy body of hers run up and down the tennis court swinging that racket with such skill and precision turns me on. i love her legs.

  3. Bravo quelle belle chanson qui accompagne à merveille la plus merveilleuse des joueuses;… Svetana spasiba

  4. She is another cutie-Sveta, Justine, & Kim C=three golden retrievers sitting on a couch.

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